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Colorado Wedding Planner | How to Incorporate Your Dog into Your Wedding

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

When thinking about planning a wedding the guest list is always one of the top decisions. For some couples there is no question what friends and family they want to include. But as many factors come into play, venue size, budget, etc, guests have to sometimes be cut from the list to accommodate. But some couples agree that there is one guest that's not getting cut. Their furry friend. Yes, their pup! Planning weddings in the mountains, we have so many pet friendly wedding venues. Because we are Colorado Wedding Planners we wanted to share some tips of how to include your furry friend in your special day!

Tip One: First and foremost, make sure your venue allows dogs. Obviously you do not want to have all these plans with them only to have them turned around at the door. This one should go without saying but you never know. In addition to that, make sure your accommodations allow pets. There could be extra fees associated with this but you always need to find out beforehand and plan accordingly.

Tip Two: Assign an 'handler' to be with your dog during the duration they are at your wedding. That way there is always someone watching after your dog and attending to their needs. Also, you are able to check in on them whenever you need a quick snuggle and not have to worry if they are needing to go to the bathroom, thirsty, etc. I find that a teenage friend or relative is best at this. Teenagers are in that funny, in-between age at weddings. They are too old to really dance and lose their minds on the dance floor like you see a lot of toddlers and young kids do. And they are not old enough to partake in adult beverages and conversation. I have seen them really take pride in being asked and they in return take the job extremely seriously. It really gives them a purpose. You are including them and trusting them with your most prized possession.

Tip Three: There is a company we work with that will actually come, pick up your pouch, take them for a hike, bathe them and then return them tired, smelling delicious and looking fluffy. Can you imagine?! So tip two is obviously to hire them. :) On second thought, this should be tip one!

Tip Four: Do not, I repeat, do not, have them stay the entire evening. It's a long day for anyone and unless your dog is accustomed to attending a wedding everyday, it will be a lot for them to handle. You need to set yourself up for success and have a plan beforehand. Remember Cousin who was handling your dog up until this point? Well be sure to give him the key to your hotel room and ask him to put your pouch in it with plenty of water and anything he needs. Better yet, he could stay with him for a couple hours, watch tv, until your dog is settled and relaxed.

Tip Five: When you are ordering your flowers, don't forget about Fido. Something that can be clipped on the collar is best but they can also wear a 'neck wreath'. (Unless your dog is anything like mine then they cannot wear a 'neck wreath'. Ha!) Be prepared if you ask your florist for the 'neck wreath', they will need the dimensions of your pups neck.

Tip Six: Let's say you have a pup that loves to lounge on the couch, they get nervous or uptight with people or they do not like kids (and you are having kids at your wedding), it might be safest and easier on them to stay home. I know that the thought of having your best furry friend at your wedding is such a fun one but honestly you really won't see them very much because you will be busy mingling with all of your friends and family. It could just cause unneeded stress on your four legged friend. I promise, they won't be mad at you because they weren't invited. Bring home a doggy bag and they'll never know the difference!

Tip Seven: If your venue does not allow dogs, don't stress because you can still include them in fun ways! You could have a signature drink named after them. Like 'Fido's Fizz' or 'Murphy's Mojito. You could also add a photo of the two of you and your pup to your table numbers. Then your guests will definitely see how important they are to you even if they aren't attending your wedding day. You could make a favor that has your pup's face on it. Think koozies, matchbook, etc.

The Lodge at Breckenridge Wedding - Breckenridge Wedding - Dog in Wedding
Wedding Photo Courtesy of Lindsey Boluyt Photography

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