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Colorado Wedding Planner | Bridesmaids Gifts

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

OMG. The company that I did a product review blog post on a while ago that provides awesome Groomsmen Gifts (Groovy Groomsmen Gifts) now has a website for the ladies! This is music to a Colorado wedding planner's ears because we are always being asked by our brides for cute ideas for bridesmaids gifts. Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique It is thee cutest! There are soooo many options to choose from. Awesome totes (handy for the day of) silk kimonos (also handy for the day of) and my favorite the Dazzling Duo. This comes with a comfy robe and an elegant tumbler. Do you know what the best part is? YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE IT!! Check out all these options for just this list for just this box:

Tumbler Color: Gold or Silver Sparkle Vinyl Decal Color for Tumbler: Black, White, Navy, Burgundy, Pink, Lilac Robe Color: White, Navy Blue or Lavender Floral Robe Size: One Size Fits All or XL Robe Initial: A-Z Robe Initial Color: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold

Example of what to enter in Personalization Box

Tumbler Color: Gold Sparkle Vinyl Decal Color for Tumbler: Purple Robe Color - White Floral Robe Size: OneSize Fits All Robe Initial: B Robe Initial Color: Coral

How fun is that?! Can you just imagine all those day of photos with your ladies wearing the same robe? CUTE!! Check out their website: Can't wait to see all those photos!

Colorado Wedding Planner - Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Colorado Wedding Planner - Bridesmaid Gift Ideas


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