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Markup Assist is an optional new feature of AutoCAD that significantly improves the speed of creating complex drawings and enables you to create drawings in less time.Automatic coordination of dimensions:AutoCAD now has an automatic dimensioning function that coordinates dimensions automatically as you place them in the drawing. (video: 8:00 min.)You can easily mark all the dimensions in the drawing, and even choose your favorite markup function for each dimension.[Premium]‘Auto dimensioning’ for multi-sheet pages:When you select a range of sheets or multi-sheet pages from a drawing, the AutoCAD system automatically coordinates the dimensions for those sheets or pages. (video: 4:00 min.)You can easily mark all the dimensions on the sheets, and even select your favorite markup function for each dimension.[Premium]Common format exports:The ‘Layout with 2D annotations’ export format enables you to save your annotations as files such as.lxs or.brk files. This format is very useful for CAD managers and others who use multiple drawings.Automatically, the 2D annotations will be exported, and saved as files in the format you choose.[Premium]Infinite space export:Export to DWG, DXF, or other format files without the need for a drawing boundary or area. You can easily choose a range of space that does not have a boundary, such as space inside a circle or inside a polygon.You can export drawing views to files that do not have any drawing boundary or area, with unlimited, continuous space.[Premium][Premium]3D Elements:You can assign 3D elements to a 2D object to have a 3D coordinate system. You can import 3D elements (3D drawings, 3D drawings with layers, 3D layers, etc.) from 3D CAD systems. You can import 3D elements that you previously created in AutoCAD and X3D formats. (video: 6:00 min.)If the object has 3D coordinates, you can use the option ‘Apply 3D elements to 2D objects.’You can also import 3D elements from 3D CAD systems directly to the 3D coordinate system of a 2D object.[Premium] 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [32|64bit] [Updated]

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